The Adventures of Henry

Every Day is an Adventure!

Henry and Hobbes


Join Henry and his stuffed tiger Hobbes as they go on adventures around Los Angeles (and even a brief trip to the North Pole!). “Henry and Hobbes” has been on a hiatus as they are currently pursuing other opportunities. Hobbes claims he is working as a taste tester for a big name tuna factory, which he cannot disclose at this time. Rumors persist that the lovable duo may return.

Until Henry and Hobbes returns, we have attached the pictures and comments from the entire Henry and Hobbes run on Instagram.


Fun times celebrating Henry being 5 months old today!
Henry: Smile Hobbes!
Hobbes: Okay!
Henry: Silly face now!
Hobbes: Okay!


Henry: We’d better get some shut-eye.
Hobbes: I can’t.


Henry: Wow, Hobbes! Look at those columns! We must have made it all the way to Greece!
Hobbes: Uh, Henry, I don’t think so.


Henry: Hey Hobbes, come on in! The water feels great!
Hobbes: Are you kidding me?! It’s going to take me all day to dry and until I do, I’ll smell funny!


Henry: Look, Hobbes, that must be BBQ food!
Hobbes: Henry, that’s not food. It’s only sauce.
Henry: But it’s in a bottle…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Henry: Hey, Hobbes, do you think that turkey is going to be enough?
Hobbes: I think so. But what are you going to eat?!


Hobbes: Henry, I’m starving. See that squirrel over there?
Henry: Yeah?
Hobbes: I wonder if he knows where I can find some tuna.


Henry: What’s wrong, Hobbes?
Hobbes: I’m dying!
Henry: What’s wrong, Hobbes?!
Hobbes: I’m so hungry!


Henry: Zzzzz
Hobbes: Zzzzz


Rainy Day ☔ Part 1

Hobbes: Are you sure this raincoat is going to keep me dry?
Henry: Of course!


Rainy Day ☔ Part 2

Hobbes: You lied! My nose is wet.
Henry: But it’s so fun! I love the rain!


Henry: I wonder what it would be like to live in the jungle.
Hobbes: Ugh, too boring. Their internet is probably still only dial up.


Hobbes: Alright, Henry, I’m ready for you to push me now.
Henry: What are you talking about, Hobbes? I thought YOU were going to push ME!


Henry: 🎶 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…🎶
Hobbes: 🎶 … you are too small for climbing 🎶


Henry: So do you think these disguises will work?
Hobbes: I know MINE works, but I don’t know if you can pass as an elf.


The ferocious tiger prepares to pounce on his unsuspecting prey


Henry: Get in, Hobbes. You need a bath.
Hobbes: Only because you keep DROOLING on me!


Good luck USC 1Ls!

Henry: For the minimum contacts test use International Shoe.
Hobbes: Indubitably.


Hobbes: All children, except one strange little boy, grow up one day.
Henry: ZzZzZz


Henry: I don’t think this is what people mean by “fishing.”
Hobbes: Yeah, but it’s so much easier.


Hobbes: What are we hunting today, Henry?
Henry: We’re hunting wabbits! Ha ha ha ha!


West Point reveals its secret weapon against Navy.

Henry: Alright, I got the football.
Hobbes: And I have the helmet.
Henry: Looks like we’re ready to play!

🏈Go Army! Beat Navy!🏈


Hobbes: And this is how we clean our feet.
Henry: No more baths for me! My feet taste yummy!


Santa: What do you boys want for Christmas?
Hobbes: Tuna, please!
Henry: All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth!


Henry: This sure is some strong coffee!
Hobbes: I know! I couldn’t close my eyes if I wanted to!


Henry: I can’t wait for my haircut. I just need my sides trimmed a little bit.
Hobbes: Hmm, I think I need to get a full shave.


Henry: I can’t wait to see Santa’s workshop!
Hobbes: I sure hope we make it back home in time for Christmas.


Hobbes: Hurray! We made it to Santa’s Workshop!
Henry: Let’s go find some toys!


Henry: Thanks for the ride, Santa! We’ll put out a cookie and milk for you!
Hobbes: Don’t forget our presents!


Hobbes: Shouldn’t the milk be in a cup?
Henry: Milk is supposed to be in a bottle. That’s how I’ve always had it.


Hobbes: Wow, Santa came and brought us presents!
Henry: Oh no, he took my bottle! I’ll have to put it on my list for next year.


🎄Merry Christmas🎄

Hobbes: Wow, more tuna! Thanks, Henry. I hope you like your present.
Henry: *nom nom nom* I love it! This is my favorite Christmas ever!


🎉Dec 31, 2014 – 6:10 PM PST🎉

Henry: I can’t believe Mommy and Daddy are going to let us stay up until midnight tonight!
Hobbes: I know! New Years Eve is so cool!


🎉Dec 31, 2014 – 6:30 PM PST 🎉

Henry: ZzZzZz
Hobbes: ZzZzZz


Hobbes: Hey, where are the bowls?! Where are the roses?!
Henry: Go Ducks! Quack quack quack!


Henry: Story time sure is fun.
Hobbes: Yeah but I think B.B. Wolfe got a little too carried away during the Little Red Riding Hood story.


Henry and Hobbes: 🎶 Fight On for ol’ SC / Our men Fight On to victory 🎶


Hobbes: That Pompeii exhibit was quite interesting. Really makes you think.
Henry: Yeah, and look at these awesome artifacts I found!


Henry: Hey, Hobbes, what are you doing?
Hobbes: Sunbathing; my stomach is a little pale.


Henry: Hey, Hobbes, do you know what those strange symbols on all these houses mean?
Hobbes: No idea. It’s all Greek to me!


Hobbes: Look, Henry, that guy from The Daily Show has his own book!
Henry: Yeah, but I doubt it is sophisticated literature like “Green Eggs and Ham.”


✈️Henry and Hobbes attempt to go flying in their new airplane.✈️

Henry: I hope our plane flies all-Wright!
Hobbes: Well props to you for trying!


Sorry we haven’t updated lately … It has been a CIRCUS around here!


Hobbes: Ok, we have our explorer hats, our flag, and the treasure map.
Henry: Hmmm, I wonder where we should look first?


Hobbes: The map says the treasure should be around here somewhere.
Henry: I wonder where it could be? It must be hidden really well!


Henry: Hey, Hobbes, I found the treasure chest! I bet it is just FULL of gold!
Hobbes: Hooray! Let’s open it up back at the fort!


Henry: With all this gold I proclaim myself King Henry I, Ruler of Playgroundia in the Land of Troy!
Hobbes: Good for you, Henry. But all I see are gold coins. Where are all the gold fish?!


Hobbes: Why don’t hipsters like rivers?
Henry: Because they are too mainstream.


Henry: Spring Break 2015! Let’s go jump into the water!!
Hobbes: No thanks, I’m just gonna relax on the beach and catch some rays.


Thinking of our friend, Marina. 🏥 We hope you feel better!


Henry: I can’t wait to find some Easter eggs!
Hobbes: I wonder what came first, the bunny or the egg?


Henry: Hey, Hobbes, you ready for another workout with our exercise balls?
Hobbes: I’m too tired from the last workout. You go ahead, I’m gonna take a nap.


Henry: Oh yeah! We made it to the top of the stairs! We’re so strong!
Hobbes: Well, duh! We made it because I have The Eye of the Tiger.


Hobbes: Happy 5th birthday, Jace!
Henry: Happy birthday, big bro!
Jace: Woof*

*Let’s eat some ice cream now


🎶 All my friends know the low rider / The low rider is a little TIGER 🎶


Henry: I spy with my little eye something with a trunk.
Hobbes: A tree! Wait, no, an elephant?


Hobbes: Geez, your dad only put BOOKS in his backpack. He did not pack ANY of the essentials!
Henry: Good thing we found the bag before he left for class.


Henry and Hobbes enjoying their first trip to Big Thunder Mountain!


Henry and Hobbes are all set to begin their new job as firefighters with Los Angeles Fire Department’s Fire Station 15 crew!


Hobbes: Alright, Henry, I’m ready to go.
Henry: Ok, Hobbes. We’ll let the other trucks go first and then we’ll follow!


Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh explore the Hundred Acre Wood


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